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♦      Mary MacKillop Mass with our whole Parish School
              Friday, 19 August at 9:30am
all welcome to morning tea in the school after Mass

♥     Sacrament of Confirmation
               Thursday, 25 August at 7:30pm

 ♣    Spirituality in the Pub, Tuesday, 30 August
               New Home, New Hope ... Speaker:  Vedran Statjic
               Vedran provides settlement assistance to newly arrived
                humanitarian migrants and refugees
               Woonona-Bulli RLS Club 7:30pm to 9:00pm

§       Change in Parish Office Hours
While Parish Secretary, Magda, is enjoying holiday leave
                 Janine Duggan will take her place and
                 Parish Office Hours will be:
                     Tuesdays     9:30am to 3:00pm
                    Thursdays  9:30am to 3:00pm
Fridays as usual  10am to 3pm

◊      Blessing of Animals — all animals welcome
                 Monday, 3 October at 9:30am

                 The larger giraffes must be restrained on tight leashes
                 Greyhounds are especially welcome this year!
                 Feast of St Francis:  Tuesday, 4 October;  Mass 5:30pm

→     Doing it tough?  Need a hand up?
                  Ring our local Vinnies  4228 9355
The St Vincent de Paul Society cares and helps all people in need.

♦      Pope Francis issued a motu proprio [new laws]
                   regarding the process used in Marriage Tribunals ...
                   the new laws comes into effect on 8 December 2015,
                   the same day the Year of Mercy begins;
                   to view a short statement from our Australian Bishops click here
                   to view a 4m 30s video explaining the new procedures, click here
                   to view some Frequently Asked Questi
ons click here

 ♦      Pope Francis:  the encyclical Laudato Si' (Praised be to you)

                  on the environment
                  may be downloaded by clicking here 
       The Franciscan Friars embrace Pope Francis' encyclical,
                  which is written very much in the spirit of St Francis
                  ... the friars' press release is here

Τ      Blessing of Married Couples celebrating their Anniversaries
           and those celebrating Birthdays
is celebrated each month during Masses on the second weekend
           (except May, when they are held on the first weekend of May).

◊      Baptisms are held during Masses on the third weekend of each month,
                         except in January and during Lent.  For further details, click here 

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¤     Why Pope Francis is So Effective:
                  8 Lessons for Every Leader
                   An excellent article for business or pleasure ... here
                   ... and ...
        Ten Tips for Becoming a Happier Person from Pope Francis
click here for this great read.

 ♣     Parish Office Opening Hours
                   Tuesdays and Wednesday, 9am to 12:30pm and 1pm to 3:30pm
                   Fridays, 10am to 3pm

©    Closing time for the weekly Parish Bulletin is
                   usually 12noon on the Monday of each week

♥       Columbarium is NOW completed

            If you would like to know more about our Columbarium,
            or wish to "book a place", contact our Parish Office 4268 1910 or click here to send
            an email request

£      Want a good read?
           Check out The Tablet, a weekly Catholic newspaper from Londo

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