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◊       Happy Halloween 31 October ...
                     Find out some great ways to celebrate the three days of feasts:
                            Halloweenthe Eve of All Hallows
                                 All Saints All Hallows
                                    All Souls Remembering All the Dead
                     Our bishop, Peter Ingham, has written an excellent article
                                 about Halloween ... you can read it by clicking here

•       All Saints Day:  Saturday, 1 November
                     There will be a special Mass at 9am, Saturday, 1 November

ω      All Souls Day and November, Remembering All the Dead
During November, we remember all the deceased

                      If you would like the name of a deceased relative or friend recorded
                      in our "Book of the Dead" then, please email the Parish Office
                      giving the name of the deceased and their date of death.
May they rest in peace.

→      Here is some good reading about All Saints and All Souls Days
All Saints ... click here
                     All Souls  ...  click here
                     All three days ... click here

♥      Extraordinary Synod on the Family in Rome: 5-19 October
                     View the latest news on the Synod by clicking here
                      or on the Vatican's website by clicking

¤     Why Pope Francis is So Effective:
                  8 Lessons for Every Leader
                   An excellent article for business or pleasure ... here
                   ... and ...
        Ten Tips for Becoming a Happier Person from Pope Francis
click here for this great read.

 ♣     Parish Office Opening Hours
                   Tuesdays and Wednesday, 9am to 3pm
                   Fridays, 10am to 3pm

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♥       Columbarium is NOW completed

            If you would like to know more about our Columbarium,
            or wish to "book a place", contact our Parish Office 4268 1910 or click here to send
            an email request

£      Want a good read?
           Check out The Tablet, a weekly Catholic newspaper from Londo

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